· Lt. Colonel (RT) United States Air Force
· Former Deputy Director Training, Compliance, and
Strategic Initiatives in the Office of Diversity and
Inclusion (OPM)
· Implementor of the President Obama’s Executive Order
on Diversity and Inclusion.

During my 23 years of service in the US. Airforce, I had a front row seat to the
process of working towards a common goal, the value of teams-that-work and
the dysfunction of teams that don’t.
It made me realize that there is no issue more critical to our common existence
than the ability to bridge our differences to solve hard complex problems.
We have to do it cooperative, productive, creative, and compassionate way. All
of our collective brain power is needed regardless of how a person may look,
where they may come from, what God they may pray to, or who they love. We
need everyone’s brain power.
Until we create cultures that reflect that aspiration, we are always going to come
up short. At Small World Solutions, we wanted to help make this happen in a
smart and efficient way…
The New IQ – a researched based method to measure organizational inclusion –
is a new way of thinking about and measuring inclusive diversity. It is founded
upon inclusivity and is associated with research conducted around interpersonal
This inclusive intelligence is teachable, learnable, and repeatable and we have
led the way in advocating this new kind of intelligence.

Dr. J. Bruce Stewart currently serves as the Founder of The Small World Institute. Dr. Stewart was formerly the Deputy Director Training, Compliance, and Strategic Initiatives in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and was responsible for the coordinated implementation of President Obama’s Executive Order on Diversity and Inclusion. He also co-chaired the White House Committee on Increasing Diversity in the STEM Workforce by Reducing the Impact of Bias.  Bruce retired as a Lt Colonel from the United States Air Force in October 2007, after 23 years of service. During his service he was attached to the Special Operations, served as a Management Engineer, and was a Computer and Communications Commander. His last assignment was as the Air National Guard’s (ANG) Director of Cultural Diversity Transformation.


Bruce has served and been involved in numerous Leadership and Diversity initiatives at the local, state, and national levels. He has lectured on diversity at several educational institutions including MIT, Harvard, and West Point.

Dr. J. Bruce Stewart has a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Friends University. He has a  PhD in Law and Policy from Northeastern University and serves as  an Adjunct Professor at American University in the KEY Leadership Program.



To create a more inclusive, diverse, engaged, and opportunity-driven Federal government

To commit to productivity that capitalizes on the diversity of our workforce.

To create a future in recruiting and hiring the right kind of people that goes beyond simply checking the box.


The New IQ: Executive Order Compliance Certificate



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