Human Resource Management

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January 24, 2020
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January 24, 2020

Human Resource Management

Why Human Resource Management?

Human resource management is the practice of staff recruitment, training, management, retention, development, and industrial relations.

Successful organisations are built on the strength of successful employees and the human resources function is at the heart of achieving this within an organisation.

This course is designed for you:

  • If you interested in developing skills in Human Resource Management (HRM).
  • If you want to gain practical knowledge and understanding in the area of Human Resource Management.
  • If you want to improve your workplace performance and enhance your career and employment prospects in the area of Human Resource Management.

“One of the key success factors of high performing organisations is putting their people first. Today HR executives are challenged to develop efficient and effective, simple yet powerful solutions to the people side of business”

Creating value through HRDeloitte Consulting

“HR should help the business to get where we need to be – faster, and in a more efficient way, whilst also taking the time to analyse and influence the strategy itself”

Donal PrioHR Director, Diageo

Course Overview

A key element of this programme is the alignment and linkage of HR management to business strategy. If you are (or wish to become) involved in or responsible for making decisions that have a strategic impact for your organisation, this practical and interactive programme will help you make more effective decisions through the application of HR management. A strong focus on key HR concepts, in terms of recruitment and training, is supported through this programme.

Course Content

Through this programme you will gain an understanding of HR processes within an organisation, and the complexities involved. You will be able to explain the importance of HR Management to sustain business success within an organisation. You will gain a firm understanding of the key operational areas within HRM, including recruitment and selection; grievance procedures; training and development processes; employee benefits/wellbeing; and what you need to do to support employee motivation and engagement. In addition, you will learn how to use key techniques to support strategic HRM decision-making processes.


  • Definitions and key activities of human resource management (HRM)
  • Structure of the human resource function
  • HR legal environment
  • The strategic role of HRM
  • Individual and group behaviour
  • Managing team development
  • Performance planning, objective setting, evaluation and management
  • Motivation and leadership
  • Strategic human resource and employment planning
  • Job analysis, design and specification setting
  • Recruitment, selection and probation
  • Retention, training and development, training needs analysis
  • Grievance and disciplinary processes
  • Reward and benefits management and compensation administration
  • Organisational career management
  • Employee relations – culture, arbitration, negotiations
  • International HRM – influence of diversity and multi-national companies and cultures

Career Opportunities

This programme will support you to gain practical knowledge and understanding in the whole area of Human Resource Management practice. It will support you to improve your workplace performance and enhance your career and employment prospects in the area of Human Resource Management.

Possible careers within the field of human resource management include roles such as:

  • HR Assistant
  • HR Executive Assistant
  • HR Generalist
  • HR Officer
  • HR Recruitment Assistant

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