Strategic Business Management

Diploma in Predictive Data Analytics
January 24, 2020
Diploma in Book Keeping and Payroll
January 24, 2020

Strategic Business Management

Predictive Analytics is widely used in marketing, financial services, retail, travel and many other areas.

Strategic Business Management

According to LinkedIn, in January 2018, despite the prominence of technical jobs and skills, soft skills like management, leadership, and strategy are considered equally as important. In a survey of 2,000 business leaders, the soft skills of leadership, communication, collaboration, and time management were identified as most in-demand. In fact, 57% of the respondents indicated that these soft skills are more important than hard/technical skills.

The development of these soft-skills within the workforce is therefore vitally important. BR Suresh, Senior Vice President and Country Head – Human Resources, Bosch India, writing in (in April 2018), stated that leading experts today state that due to the pace of the industry, the time required to create ‘leaders’ has significantly reduced, by almost half in some cases. In such a scenario, the ability to deal with a high degree of uncertainty and to resolve challenges within short time frames have become essential qualities to be inculcated in all employees. The championing of critical thinking and business acumen that allows for short, medium and long-term planning has also become highly important.

This programme will benefit you if you are in, or seeking, a staff management or leadership role. It will also facilitate you to improve your own performance through the implementation of key theories, techniques and practical application of leadership styles.

This course is designed for you:

  • If you want to develop business management skills consistent with the current principles and strategic practices.
  • If you want to formalise your management skills with best in practice and improve your career and job prospects.
  • If you want to differentiate your company and yourself in your ability to strategically manage its’ business unit’s.
  • If you want to gain the skills to structure, formalise and implement a leadership style.

Course Overview

This business leadership programme introduces you to a range of business management and leadership frameworks. It explores what organisations are looking for in modern management. Key leadership and management issues will be discussed and you will develop your own leadership style to get results. Your confidence and ability as a manager will be enhanced, and you will understand how relationships impact on leadership.

Throughout the programme, you will build up a toolbox of approaches for business planning and performance management, and discover new leadership concepts and begin to understand your own leadership style. You will be enabled to enhance your own personal effectiveness and become equipped with best practice and innovative thinking on strategy and leadership. The programme will support you to extend your professional network through meeting other practicing managers, and sharing your experiences.

Course Content

The programme is structured to develop your confidence, even if you have no formal training in management, by providing a comprehensive toolkit that covers the key aspects of management, and provides a solid foundation for your career as a team leader, supervisor or front-line manager.

You will become empowered to use enhanced staff management concepts and theories, develop plans and practice strategic leadership and future planning.


  • Strategic Management Principles
  • Making Strategy Everyone’s Job
  • Tools for Business Planning and Performance Management
  • Understanding Leadership
  • Developing leadership styles and the need to be strategic
  • The Leader Within
  • Leading successful change – improving performance
  • How to Communicate as a Leader
  • Motivating the Team
  • Dealing with conflict, poor performance and problems

Career Opportunities

On completion of this programme you will have a greater understanding of your own strengths as well as those of your colleagues. You will have gained the skills to structure, formalise and implement a leadership style and align your management skills with best in practice to improve your career and job prospects.

This means that while this programme may not necessarily set you up for a profession in its own right it should provide you with skills and competencies to support your career development within you own field, in roles such as:

  • (Assistant/Trainee) Manager
  • Head of Function
  • Operations Manager
  • Production Supervisor
  • Team Leader

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